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As a universally revered lecturer at Thunderwood College, the list of Taurum Clay, PhD’s achievements are too numerous to account for here on this single web page. With expertise in the fields of politics, law, justice and security, Taurum Clay, PhD is unsurprised that you have found yourself here. It is in these dizzyingly dynamic times that ordinary people seek the wisdom of their betters, such as Taurum Clay, PhD, to help them make sense of the world. Now a message from the man himself:



Greetings intrepid web browsers,

How do you do? With hundreds of students attending my lectures and hanging off my every word each and every day, I have never before felt the need to publish my voluminous astute insights into world affairs. Since the ALP wasted billions of dollars on their ridiculous National Broadband Network however, I felt duty bound to start this blog so that people would have something worthwhile to download at high speed. I shall say ‘you’re welcome’ in advance, so that you don’t need to send messages of thanks. My email inbox is full enough with requests for appearances on TV panel shows, and dinner invitations from people far more important than yourself.

Eminently yours,

Taurum Clay, PhD.

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