Our Teachers are Overpaid? Try hiring a babysitter!

“It seems that many people are getting greedy. Including the politicians, cops and teachers” —Anonymous.

This is a comment on the latest poll about teachers deserving a pay rise. I am all for diversity of opinion but I would just like to refute this statement unequivocally with a simple example.

Mathematics is often something that confounds me, but on this occasion it proves quite useful for showing how grossly underpaid teachers are. That they are concurrently undervalued is also demonstrated by the widespread opinion of people like the person who made the above comment.

Let’s take the most minimalist value for teachers. Let’s say that teachers are nothing more than glorified babysitters and for now say nothing of the value of the knowledge they impart on our children. Let’s also take the smallest possible family, with only one child.

If we only treat teachers as babysitters, how much should we pay them? What would you pay a snotty teenager to look after your kid when you go out with your partner? If you are a tight-arse, no more than five dollars an hour I’d say. Ok so let’s do the math. Teachers look after your kid for 5 hours a day, 200 days a year (This is not including time spent supervising at recess and lunch, marking assessments after work and other extra curricular work such as dramatic productions and sports teams). So 5 times 5 times 200 equals $5000. AND THAT IS JUST FOR YOUR KID, NOT TO MENTION THE 29 OTHER KIDS THEY “BABYSIT” IN EVERY PERIOD, EVERYDAY. If we factor in the other 29 kids in the class, teachers, if only valued at 5 bucks an hour as a babysitter, should be on $150,000 dollars a year!

Teachers don’t even earn a third of that. Maybe they should all quit and all become private babysitters, not only would they earn more, it would also save them the stress of having to actually teach the little blighters something…..

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